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  • 63 Route d'Arlon, L-1140, Luxembourg
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Dealux. Wood

Dealux. Wood

Wooden products are part of Dealux Trading activities thanks to our experience and certified global network of suppliers. We are specialised in purchase and sale of wooden products such as designed furniture, floors, stairs, doors and materials made of wood. Our customers can rely on us to provide promptly available stocks, ready to deliver and have a competitive price. We are a reliable expert providing personal and confidential co-operation.

Dealux wood aims to offer a quality product to companies and individuals regardless of whether it is wholesale or retali. Thanks to our manufactures, we can respond to your request, offer a solution and provide best possible quality.

Our wood products

  • Massive Floor and Parket
  • Staircase
  • Doors
  • Designed Furniture
Dealux wood